Become a Azure Cloud Engineer

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azure cloud engineer

Every year, Azure’s consumption graph increases and approaches that of AWS. Microsoft Azure is being trusted and used by several businesses, including the Fortune 500 companies. As an Azure Cloud Engineer, companies want to see your expertise in managing Azure services. You should clearly list out skills like Azure Storage, Virtual Networks, Azure Active Directory and showcase experience in managing Azure resources using Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, or Azure CLI. I am currently working in a restaurant and going to school full time.

Azure Cloud Engineer/Architect

Cybrary has given me a greater reason to pursue my hearts desire at all cost. In addition to technical skills, an Azure Cloud Engineer also requires leadership and managerial skills. If you’re ready to get started in a cloud computing career, consider enrolling in the Starting Your Career with AWS Cloud Specialization on Coursera. This program covers topics like cloud operations on AWS, cloud computing, data analytics on AWS, and more. Learners will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and perform tasks that are common in a cloud computing role. Upon completion, earn a certificate to include in your resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile.

  • In this IT Pro Challenge virtual lab, you will get hands-on experience securing Azure Platform services.
  • However, the key is to showcase your practical experience and tangible results in addition to your knowledge.
  • You’ll need to understand business needs, work with different teams, and communicate effectively with non-technical colleagues.
  • Professionals with experience in building and implementing data management systems are in great demand as businesses depend more and more on data to inform business decisions.

As an Azure Cloud Engineer, your main focus is to design, develop, and maintain cloud infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure platform. The tech industry is always evolving and there’s a recent uptick in demand for professionals in this area, thanks to the surge in remote work and the explosion of data-driven decision-making. In your CV, you’re not just listing out your technical skills but also illustrating how you used these skills to create solutions.

Why should I enroll for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Certification Masters Program?

For a company, it means data can be stored and backed up more easily, software updates can be rolled out on-demand, and customers may be able to access their information from different devices. As a cloud engineer, azure cloud engineer you’ll work behind-the-scenes to keep it all running. Strong analytical capabilities and the capacity to mix data from many sources are prerequisites for success in this data engineering profession.

azure cloud engineer

Becoming a Microsoft Azure Cloud Engineer demonstrates a candidate has a profound level of knowledge of the Azure platform, with several Microsoft credentials to validate that skillset. It also shows a strong commitment to continuing education, learning, and staying on top of new trends in technology. These are all attributes that IT recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in the IT professionals they employ. There hasn’t been a better time to learn Azure and advance along the cloud computing career path. Many cloud professionals get their start in IT positions that include concepts used in cloud work.

These professional templates are optimized to beat resume screeners (i.e. the Applicant Tracking System).

As an Azure Data Engineer, you will be expected to design, implement, and manage data solutions on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. You will be in charge of creating and maintaining data pipelines, data storage solutions, data processing, and data integration to enable data-driven decision-making inside a company. Courses on vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and SIEM solutions were key for my early roles. As I grow into leadership roles influencing business policy, I’m confident Cybrary will continue developing the knowledge and skills I need to succeed. Cloud computing knowledge, including that of the Microsoft Azure platform, is not only important for jobs that have “cloud” in the title. These experts are also in demand for more traditional technology roles like software engineer, data scientist, and cybersecurity specialist as well.

This approach will make your CV stand out from the crowd, especially in a field as competitive as Azure Cloud Engineering. As an Azure Cloud Engineer, your role is more than just managing cloud operations. Your ability to design, implement, and troubleshoot cloud-based solutions is essential to keeping the virtual wheels spinning in any organization today. Remember, the cloud industry is booming, especially with the shift to remote work due to COVID-19. Companies are looking for Azure Cloud Engineers who are not just knowledgeable but can adapt fast to this ever-evolving platform. When writing your CV, be clear and straightforward about your technical skills, project experiences, and ability to handle real-time cloud issues.