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“After losing my son to suicide, here’s what helped me”

I’m currently 21, I lost my dad on may 6th, 2 days before his dad his birthday. My father was born with a faulty heart valve but always said he was going to surpass his fathers age when he died . 10) This is where I struggle and why I came here to see what was said.. Even though it’s been almost 9 years, it still does feel raw and it still does feel like it’s something that I’ll never fully recover from. Some days are better than others, and some days I want to share stories vs grieve. But some days I’m angry wondering why this had to happen so soon while I still have so many unanswered questions in life and don’t know what to do.

  • We were so excited he had been declared cancer free but four days later sepsis took him from us.
  • I couldn’t go on a train, I couldn’t do anything.
  • Life can be taken instantly or through many days, months, and even years of suffering.
  • I still grieve for him nearly everyday.
  • I don’t know what to do with my life and I rarely think of the baby inside my womb because all I can think of is my dad.

Reading through this blog post really makes me feel like I am not alone. Thanks for making this spaces to share, to read all this testimonies makes me feel understood. I agree 100% with everything you’ve stated.

It made it hard for me because I started worrying about everyone else and their losses. I felt so guilty, but it was too much for me to shoulder. Shortly after I left, the group was cancelled because of COVID 19. I don’t know what to do with myself. I am constantly aware of their absence.


I know my dad and mom are again with my brother who they lost 61 years ago when I was an infant. I know they are in a better place and I do hope I will see them again one day. Time does heal and my parents will always be with me in my eco sober house cost heart and the memories, both good and bad that I have. They were good parents and raised us kids right. Not a day will go by that I won’t think about them. I keep a special picture on my mantle with a candle I light every evening.

  • I lost my dad just before christmas 2018 to cancer, It hurt like hell seeing him go in such a cruel and painful way.
  • I’m 68 years old and I just lost my dad 4 weeks ago.
  • And that there is no normal way to grieve.
  • They were going into my Baba’s room.

You know, like I like – I like to be alone, when I find out. Because sometimes my reaction might be to burst into tears. Camille felt she was learning to deal with her emotions but the pain “never leaves you”. And I think as well, things do get better. You can’t imagine it at the time. You think, you know – this is going to be it forever, it’s going to be terrible forever.

In March 2015, my brother got into a serious accident, involving him on a motorcycle and a woman in a car, who was carelessly driving. He was rushed to hospital from the scene, where he went into surgery for his liver. When he came out of surgery he was put in a critical care unit for 2 days. He had loads of machines that kept him breathing, which doctors said would give him strength if he was still alive. They performed Brain Death Stem tests, which confirmed that he was no longer with us and was taken off the machines. The pain is still very raw, he was my best friend- the only person I have and would ever confide in.

Grieving and common feelings after a baby’s death

I am single, have a son who has just had their 1st baby 3 weeks ago. My son and his wife are spending Christmas with her Mum, Dad and siblings and I can’t help but feel hurt. I adore his wife and get on really well with her but I resent this, especially this 1st Christmas.

But his stroke got to him first and then cruelly took away from us.. I didn’t know what to make of it, other than relishing on the fact that my whole world just crumbled right under my feet. I relate so much to you and cried until the end reading this. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. At least I know someone who completely know the pain as I do. Even though I am still at the sadness stage of grief, I need to be strong for my self, dad, and brother.

The following are suggestions to give you the confidence to talk about funerals in a way that feels right for you and your children. Death and bereavement are experiences common to most of us and few of us go through life without experiencing the death of someone close. Each situation is unique and how we respond to such a death is very individual. It is important to tell a child of any age when someone important in their lives has died, and ideally this is done by someone who is closest to them.

You will learn to balance joy and grief

I lost my daughter in January 2013, a few days after her first birthday. She was shaken by her caretaker and passed away as a result of her injuries. Unless you have gone through this yourself, you will likely have very little knowledge on how to comfort or even talk to a friend or relative who has.

  • In my case, the first six months after Dan died were spent focusing solely on raising my infant son and figuring out how the hell to survive on my own.
  • I haven’t been able to move her cigarette package or her water bottle by her chair.
  • You may have lots of support around you, but even so, you may feel you need additional support.
  • But, sometimes she can be a lil’ bit too hard for me.
  • Not at that time, but that was my journey.

Thank you for such an honest account. And then suddenly I lost him and everything seemed to crumble down. I dont want a big wedding because I dont know if I’ll stop crying when that happens. He spent his whole life trying to make ours easier and make us happy.

This is the first time I’m not going to want to celebrate my birthday because mine n my moms birthday is oct 14th and my dads birthday was oct 29th. I don’t have a good ending but being on this forum has helped me a little. I appreciate all of your testimonies it’s giving me strength to keep pushing forward.

Losing my older brother to a decision which caused him to be jailed in June. I have become numb from losing eco sober house ma the three main men in my life. It is definitely the most challenging thing I have ever had to go through.

I don’t remember 6 months of my life because I would wake up only enough to eat and go to the bathroom. My friend got me up and moving again. But I blame that for why my knees and hips hurt 9 years later. I feel like losing my grandfather was most significant but all of this bothers me. I found myself today wondering what my mom was like. I guess it’s on my mind again because I’m nearing my second graduation from nursing school.

I Have Three Mental Health Diagnoses. This Is How I Live With Them.

There are also bereavement charities that offer helplines, email support, and online communities and message boards for children. It’s important for them to have someone with whom they can talk about that person and share their emotions. This could be through photos, games, memory boxes or stories. Well-meaning people may encourage you to take advantage of your new ‘freedom’ to develop your career, other interests or community work. But this is not a ‘freedom’ you would ever have chosen, and it is painful to even think of it in that way.

losing my son

In the immediate days after Tom’s death, shock took over. On the afternoon of Tom’s funeral, I drank more than I’ve done in decades, by my standards enough to sink a battleship. Next day I had no hangover, total recall and an overpowering sense of “What next?”. The rest of my life was the answer.

Boys were not as bad, but girls I couldn’t – couldn’t deal with it at all. And we did end up sort of pulling it together and having a day out. And then the next day it was kind of all done with. It was almost like ‘oh, well now it’s just Sunday and it’s just another day without him’. So the grief didn’t continue on after that.